Human Factor….Ahh !!

We are always led to this notion that human nature is wild and we can’t fight with our basic instincts. It is the case of psychological paradigms. We are here on earth to live and to do acts according to some principles. The instinctive desires are there but you cannot hide out behind it for…

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Social Paradigms!!

It is general feel out there everywhere like making an overdose of lectures who we think is ready to face our bullies. It is not a healthy activity and nor does it help us to polish our skills as sophisticated human beings of a society. We have to rationalize this fact that every individual human…

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Optimism out of a Difficult Situation!

Fear and Positive Thinking or Optimism

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Earth’s Appetite !

Some Souls are Wandering All around to find Peace, serenity, and happiness something which nobody has seen like Death awaiting everyone  but whispers nothing in the ears So Let it be a Seldom Habit to Wander around for  a happening that seems to remain non-existent and  Making all Human race crazy to move in never ending circles till everyone dwells in grave’ to make Earth’s appetite filled!…

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