Beauty and Beholder’s Eyes!

Beauty and Human Perception

Beauty Definition Stands Within!

I wonder how this whole world seems to every person, and is there a same phenomenon of objectively defining Beauty all around the globe. According to my perception it is not the case as every region has its own standards of human as well as natural beauty. A European concept of beauty is quite different from Asian, and then from African or Far Eastern standards.

The old age concept is quitter true as the real aesthetics lie in every individual‘s eyes. So the beholder’s perception about love and beauty is all too important. I see so many things around like a windy day and the swirling of trees but when I discuss about these attributes of Nature to my friends or Colleagues. They say “We don’t find it very much exciting”. Even I was surprised at the statement when I read that ‘Nelson Mandela’ said about his ex-wife ‘Winnie’ being the most beautiful woman on earth.

I got a shock like she was even so ordinary according to African standards of beauty. So I get a new realization that the Love and Aura attraction supersedes the rest of resorts and parameters. When you are in love then your beloved is the most beautiful human being ever created in planet earth. Similarly some traditional standards of beauty announce some lady or gentleman to be the sexiest and most beautiful person. At the same time we can hear so many people rejecting these labels.

At the same level when I say that I like autumn and fallen leaves as one of the most beautiful sights then most of people reject my thesis. It is not due to prejudice but a Divine Will to make different sorts of attractions for different human beings. Otherwise the world would have been so tale and sluggish as goods were all time good and bad things were always on a black list!

So my dear readers when you are going to admire about someone then just leave this expectation out of your mind that everyone will nod YES to you. So have your own perception about the beautiful objects, and then also try to analyse how other people see things with different perspectives. Try to learn the art of loving everything that is radiating positivity into the world, and a matter of joy for some good reasons. Here Inner Beauty comes as the best and foremost choice for everyone!!

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