Violence and Vulgarity is Ruling the World Media!

Meida Brain Washing

Media and Conflict of Truth

It is not an easy topic to discuss as everybody has his or her own description of what is being called as violent or vulgar. But here nobody can deny the fact that the extreme show of blood and gore on television screens and the common definition of vulgar language and all other attributes are highly seen in the film and television media.

People call it a freedom of expression but now latest researches by psychologists have proved that people are getting prone to see so much dead bodies, blood, human cries and use of weapons. They are now in a phase where they are quite indifferent to what is happening around or in the world around on the name of terrorism, wars and freedom etc.

So to know more about a thing that is called brainwashing and to know about how people and especially kids are getting negative effects of it. It is an extreme sign of negative vibes caught up from the media culture that a young boy takes up a gun and shoots dozens of school children in modern countries like United States. It is therefore so much a normal phenomenon that there are so much rise in percentage of teenage single mothers in Europe, United States or other developed countries.

The media has highlighted sex and nudity as a commercial selling point and it gives an impression that it is just so easy to take anyone to bed. It has caused a great social chaos and even created a messy psychological approach. It is even a greater level of danger that people are losing interest in opposite gender.

Now we are seeing new kinds of relationships and even I read out a survey report that all those men who watch porn things to extreme has less chances of fertility, and it causes so much psychosomatic problems among men and women.

So life is all about sharing and caring, and it is time for our media authorities to understand their responsibilities towards showing programs, movies and other stuff that creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony among human beings, and to give them a real leisure and pleasure that must be all positive!

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