A Reality about Love!!

Love and Modern World Issues

Reality of Love in Modern Times

Right from my childhood I kept on listening and reading a lot on love, and the compulsions that are associated with it. I have seen so many Romantic Movies with all well at the end, and have read lots and lots of novels about love and the problems that loves face with each other. Does it happen in actual or in present times. Sorry to share my thoughts that it is not a case as described in every second Literary or Media Presentation!

Love does exists and it a hard-core fact that not only human being but animals, birds and insects form associations. So the phenomenon is universal but it is overrated and misused, and it is a cause of my tension. In these days, people don’t love others but themselves.

They loved to be loved and in fact it is satisfaction of personal ego that some is attracted to your beauty, and want to be physical with you. Women keep on revealing themselves and men are building more of Adonis like bodies to attract anyone. Isn’t it lust and a momentary pleasure that we all are wandering about?

For me the understanding about love is sacrifice and providing space to breathe. Love does not mean to captivate anyone, and to keep expectations. It is all about reaching and modifying yourself according to your beloved’s expectations. It means that you cannot say that you are in love unless your beloved and his or her priorities and personality does not overcome yours!

I read a philosopher who said that love is all about cleaning your inside from ME and placing Your Beloved inside you. Now you see as how many couples fall in that category. Yes there is love like a parents’ love for their offspring’s, a love between siblings and an affection for your friend or teacher.

But here I am keeping a focus on Romance and Love that people keep on claiming, and right after a short interval we see the breakups. Why it happens if you love someone then accept him or her with all strengths and weaknesses. Do not try to find a perfect Human Being as there in no one around the whole globe.

If people keep their love expectations low then they won’t be disappointed. Here I am getting a recent case in mind, as you know about Famous Hollywood couple “Tom Cruise” and “Katie Holmes”. They claimed to be lovebirds, and then even got married and had kids. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise had a very thrilling romantic love marriage with “Nicole Kidman” before. Now we have seen a split and ‘Katie’ is saying that she is feeling like out of person.

It proves my point as where went that “Mad in Love” feeling, and why they couldn’t stand each other any-more. Was it all a timely temptation or people just get fed up of personality and nature of others? Each individual is different and if we understand it in a real way then I think the old and traditional concept of love and bonding will be all back in our lives. Don’t you think so??

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