Optimism out of a Difficult Situation!

Fear and Positive Thinking or Optimism

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Earth’s Appetite !

Some Souls are Wandering All around to find Peace, serenity, and happiness something which nobody has seen like Death awaiting everyone  but whispers nothing in the ears So Let it be a Seldom Habit to Wander around for  a happening that seems to remain non-existent and  Making all Human race crazy to move in never ending circles till everyone dwells in grave’ to make Earth’s appetite filled!…

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Earth’s Appetite!

Some Souls are Wandering All around to find peace, serenity, and happiness Something which nobody has seen like Death awaiting everyone but whispers nothing in the ears So Let it be a Seldom Habit to Wander around for a happening that seems to remain non-existent and Making all Human race crazy to move in never…

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Love is a Tangled Path!!

Love is a tangled path Glorified by wise people Cursed by many But what is its reality Do love exists Or it is an illusion Of self-approval To feel special and filled with desires Might be useless to all But what if you are looking for a Divine Love! You are moving on path of…

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Taste of Death

I smelled death right beside me I smiled and looked for a curious reason Death is something so long awaited but I felt it my companion who could understand me and knows why I wanted to see it arriving at remote times But it is not going to give me a halfway solutions To all that…

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Lost Desires !!

I dreamed of reaching a hill top Where I could see everything below It is a moment of solitude serenity and perfect peace But how could I attain it with Watchful eyes of humans who forget their own dreams to follow the paths that I wanted to travel all alone here are pains, sufferings, losses…

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