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What a common man wonders is a question of many sociologists and psychologists these day. It is very important to know the exact reality of what we as commoners want out of life. We don’t want to go for cliched hypothesis, and we can’t explain that we want our routine matters to go in a flow and at the same time PEACE is a matter of everyone’s choice! If asked in free manner and given a free choice to reorder this World!!

Why there is War and Terrorism in Different Parts of World?

Common man asks everyone as why there is war, chaos and discrimination everywhere. Now the phenomenon of Terrorism is so much common and what is the criteria of labeling it to a certain religion or community. If there are real disorders and oppression then what is function of mediating organizations like UN. So common man does not understand the reasons and political games that carry on different parts of world.

No Understanding of Creating So Much Social and Economic Discrimination!

People are concerned about the discrimination on the basis of the rules of the society and class system. Why some people rule over others without caliber and only for the reason that they are RICH and Famous! Isn’t it a rule of Nature that people have formed so many barriers with others on the basis of class system and economic prosperity? Why no one is seriously thinking of energizing and removing poverty out of this world. Especially the countries that are developed with sufficient resources to fulfill the needs and wants of poor countries!!

Common Man Asks Why there is So Much Injustice in the World!!

Humanity is suffering from injustice and chaos for centuries and nobody ever tried to console them. To provide them with a peace of mind and environment. It is strange that only few powerful people in every society rule over others. Their superiority and discrimination can never be challenged. Though every Religion of World teaches about good deeds and justice. So it will continue like that or we might see difference in coming days and it is a thought process of SMALL Man!

Why there is NO Love and Motivation and So Much Hatred in the World!

Common man ask every sane person as why not they can spend time in cultivating LOVE all around. Why we cannot live in an environment of love and compassion for others. Why one nation or community hates others even if there is difference of opinion. I think it can easily be solved if all humanity decides to live and let others live in simple and easy ways of LIFE!

Why Human Beings Keep on Creating Chaos when Everybody Will Die!!

It is a question of a common or ordinary people who are fighting the battles of survival, and they are not concerned about local or World Politics. They say it in a very easy way as it is not necessary to keep on creating negativity and chaos when we all know that Death will come over all of us sooner or later. So it is just all going to end in one way or other.

Yes! These are some of the mainstream theories and philosophies of common people of the Earth. I will keep on exploring the mind-sets and the thought process from the perspectives of normal people as well as the psyche of people who are in authority and makes all bigger plans for the World!!

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