Desire to Live in Past Times!

Life in Olden Times and Success with Motivation

Desire to Live in Past Times!

I don’t know if it happens with me or it is a universal psyche that some people feet cut off from the present moment. Yes! It is true that I want to live in some other time when life was simple and things were pure. It was a time when relationships were full of love, compassion and a strong support and family system was present.

I really wonder that who said that to know everything is a curse, and now at this stage in my LIFE I really think so. I feel it was much more simple and an easy life when there were no Mobiles, Laptops, Computers or Television. Even television was not that wide range. People used to have TIME for others and to see their Inner Selves as well. They were more focused and had a wider degree of Earthly Wisdom!

Past Times does not mean that it was free from fears, pains, losses or injustice. But seeing the overall ratio it was not that much, and people generally had great lives. They used to east Fresh and Organic Food, and lived in pure Oxygen as we are surrounded by POLLUTION of every kind. We are not only having an environmental pollution but a mixture of it in each kind of feeling and emotion.

It has become quite difficult to find purity and serenity in modern life. We are slaves of machines and act as if we are going to die without these helping gadgets. These luxury items have become a vital source of love, goal setting and we try to find peace within it!

But it is a wrong place to find that PEACE as we are not able to get it from the outward things. When people used to live with each other in literal way then it was so easy as to see what other were going through. People were so much involved in Joys and Sorrows of others! Even the rat race of material gains and prosperity was not that much.

So it is just my opinion and my wishful desire as if I could have been born at least two centuries back. I think I am quite misfit in this world of chaos and violence, and the indifference of human beings towards each other. I don’t know how many people can reply me with a YES nod! But it is my opinion and I am going to put it in front of all of you in my own way. You are always welcome to agree or disagree with my point of view about life!

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