Does United Nations Plays a Fair Role in the Case of Gaza Genocide?

Children of Gaza

Where is United Nations

The whole world had seen the break of ceasefire in Gaza again and then killings and bomb selling like brutes has started again. At the same time Senate of United States of America which claims to be the universal human rights protector has passed bill to provide the financial aid to brutal Israel. What is that aid for as a normal human being I am asking? To buy more dangerous weapons or to put on more fuel in their air-crafts that are continuously flying and throwing not only disastrous weapons but all kinds of chemical and biological warfare.

My concern as part of of so-called civilized world is about the significance and presence of United Nations Organization (UNO). Why they haven’t called a security council or general assembly’s reunion. Why the authorities haven’t passed a resolution to ask firmly and strongly to Israel, to stop killing innocent civilians and especially targeting women and Children of Gaza. It is really a “Untied for Nothingness” which is so common a phrase on everybody’s lips. Why UN has not ordered the world forces to stop Israel by force like it did in the case of Kuwait invasion, and then for Iraq we saw replica of that same action.

The targets of Israel attacks are clear as they want a clean wipe out of the whole generation of Palestinians, and then they are drawing towards West Bank, and who knows what are their real motives. Here are almost 60 Muslim countries as members of United Nations, and strangely none of these has passed a motion to call for assembly and for strict resolutions and impositions on Israel. So is the fact that it doesn’t suit USA and all NATO countries. It is time when truth is considered to be a sin but why Saudi Arabia is silent over the whole issue. 

Untied Nations as I have always heard and read was formed to end up wars and hatred that was at its peak after World War II. But it has failed to support any nation or country that is on right term. Whether it is the Kashmir Issue between India and Pakistan or the Palestinian issues. There are longs lists of issues and wars all around the world. We have seen the genocide and mass rape of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. We have seen thousands of Muslims were massacred in Myanmar (Burma). But United Nations stood silent and only sent peace keeping missions afterwards which had no legal power to protect the oppressed ones but only to provide food and medicines.

Is it a real role of United nations and it was made up for? Obviously NO! But who can ask whom as UN is actually the agenda of USA, and that wants a clean Genocide of Palestinians and all other Muslims to protect the Israel’s interests. It is time that all oppressed nations form another platform and an organization parallel to UN, an then fight for their basic rights of freedom, self defence and to keep their religious ad cultural integrity intact. Hopeless to ask for anything good form this PUPPET Organisation called United Nations!!!


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