Dualism of Political Leaders of Pakistan!!

Paktistan Ruling Leaders are Corrupt

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Pakistan is facing the worst case scenario at this moment, and the whole nation is facing dilemma. Here is no proper leadership and misdirection as well as disinformation is at its peak. It is just not a matter of some years but we as a nation are facing it from last sixty eight years. We have not seen anyone alike Quied e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The political turmoil kept on going in rounds and rounds as there was no constitution of a newly born country for almost nine years. It is just another tragedy that military take overs didn’t perform anything good!

Here the terrorism and anti-state elements are doing their all agendas in a full manner. Now a chaotic situation is worst with the secretly funded media groups. Every channel gets on board the same evil character politicians who are experts in switching political parties. They have always been enjoying the power and luxuries in one form or the other. I wonder as if there is one such ruler or political leader who is a true patriot.

When it was the era of 70s then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took the regime after establishment of East Pakistan as Bangladesh. It was a big conspiracy theory that was planned and executed by Indian secret agencies. But our leaders were not faithful and they immediately accepted the State of Bangladesh. Bhutto ruled the simple nation of Pakistan with his loud hues and cries, and nothing was in reality. Then we saw all these Nawaz Sharif, Benezir Bhutto, Asif Zardari. Everybody proved fatal for the nation and they looted and maligned the national assets.

They all played their hidden agendas alike Pervaiz Musharraf and others. Now we are seeing a new cult under the leadership of Imran Khan. Young generation is blindly following him and he claims to form “New Pakistan” with all old corrupt political leader by his side. He says that he won’t lie and live without protocol but we have seen him changing statements every second day. Peshawar School Incident exposed him to a greater level with no concern for the people of the province where his party is ruling at this time.

He keeps on lying and uses all protocol but we as a nation are emotional fools. So people are following his blindly and fierce about listening to true facts. Altaf Hussain is foreign planted agent So are the so-called religious parties with leader like Fazlur Rahman. How can we keep on bearing this dualism and keep on passing through labyrinth of lies and corruption.

We need to throw all these political leaders aside like a trash, and try to find someone who is really patriotic, have a clean background, and he is vigorous to change the whole system of government and the corrupt establishment. Now we need change but not of faces but of the whole system of governance and justice in Pakistan. Then we will win this battle again evil practices of these corrupt political leaders and will see a real change in our country.

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