Eid Festival in Palestine!!

Genocide of Muslims in Gaza

Terrified Kids in Gaza and Eid Festival

Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha are great festivals for all Muslims that is bestowed on them as a blessing ! From time immemorial we are seeing a trend in history that people tend to forget their worries and pains, and even conflicts when they are jubilating for any kind of religious, national or cultural festival. They want to rejuvenate their spirits of joy and to cleanse their souls from sorrows and stresses that world has inflicted on them. Can we say the same to people of Gaza and Palestine this year, and even if we go on a history of more than sixty years?

Big NO! They cannot feel any joy and happiness as their souls are mourning and their houses are filled with dead bodies of even flower like children. There is not natural disaster like earthquake or tsunami. But it is a planned human effort to ruin a whole nation, and an identity from the face of the earth. The Brutal Massacre and in a clear way to say the Genocide that Happened in July, 2014 and in the holy month of Ramadan when Palestinian Muslims were busy in fasting and praying to ALLAH Almighty to be happy with them. Yes! Indeed HE is happy as they are Martyrs and will place them in Paradise.

The Israel forces had bombed with air-crafts and tanks on civilian population and as per the global statement of prime minister of Israel. They are targeting schools, hospitals, mosques, universities and everything that is a sign to prove that human beings are civilized these days! But sorry I can’t say this for Israeli authorities and its people who watch bomb shelling and laugh and dance on the cries and deaths of infants, kids, women and old people. The irony of situation is the strange silence of all world leaders, and the civil societies who claim to be not only the Human Rights Vocalists but they fight for Animal Rights and for Vegetation and Plants as well.

Yes! it shows the dual standards of whole Europe, USA, Australia and the list goes on but the story of human selfishness and racism does not end. They are lip sealed because the oppressed ones are Muslims who are having no arms and ammunitions at all. Palestinian kids fight with Israel’s Macho Army with small stones, and yes they are the actual terrorists of the whole world! I feel guilty of living in this so-called modern and civilized era where everyone can access information with a tap on his smart phone on tablet. But they can’t reach facts and to strive to know the Real Truth!!

I can’t hear voices and protests from Muslim world as they think they can please ALLAH ALMIGHTY with their individual prayers, to jubilate at the occasion of Eid ul Adha. Do they not realize that their Palestinian kids are wearing coffins everyday and night while they are indulged in lavish parties, and wearing special costumes? It is a shame for all of us Muslims at a far greater level. It is a time that we should ponder as if these Anti-Muslim forces will destroy the whole of Palestine with its population, and then start moving towards other Arab States with Great Palaces and Monuments, as they are just busy in making tallest buildings and bridges!

Though we have seen the same kind of Genocidal Activities by NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have heard and seen about the drone attacks in Northern Areas of Pakistan but we are silent! We don’t now if those kids and elders got their last wearable clothes means “coffins” or they became part of soil as like a bug. I am so desperate that I can’t find an answer as If ALLAH Almighty will ask me on Day of Judgement as what you did to save your Muslim Kids in Gaza and Palestine, and I would be having no answer but to ask for HIS Forgiveness!!

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