Friendship, Brotherhood and Bonding!!


Brotherhood and Bonding

We call friend to everyone who talks to us smoothly and helps us out in something. But does it really that simple I mean the definition of Selfless Friend does exist. Yes! It is here right in front of our eyes, and to keep us motivated and rejuvenated to do worldly tasks in a far better way. We need friends who can stay with us in difficult times, and have no prejudice or jealousy for any sort of gain.

I simply believe that a friendship as a spiritual bonding that is not relevant with age, places, race and distances. When we reach at a certain level of love and affection for others then we are forming brotherhood connection with that person. You might have heard or read that the worst of enemies in solitude and misery develop a comradeship or a brotherly bond.

In the same case we meet some people by chance and get so used to them that there is a feeling that we are living together for years or may be centuries. Actually it is all about soul connection and the matching Aura about which there are lots of myths and realities in Eastern Cultures. The close connections that are developed by hearts are not meant for material or worldly purposes, and it just come in our way as a routine matter.

But the twist in this tale comes when we lose such friend or brother. It is a disaster and a storm that you get through be yourself, and nobody around can see a glimpse of it. So the soul nourishes and agonizes in solitude, and it is one of the most difficult moment in the lives of those people who are mostly introvert. These kinds of people cannot form loose connections with everyone who comes in their way.

The brotherhood bond is vital if a friend is close to your beat of a heart. So this such solitude often leads to spiritual up rise, and saints emerge out of such ordinary situations. When you are able to form a direct contact with the Divine Light, and it may be due to the loss of a worldly relationship. You have not only lost a friend or brother but a part of yourself.

Now it is your will power and direction that might lead you to the new experiences of spiritual journey to boost as a human being or to get antidepressants as a regular part of your routine. You can make a loss to favor you in attaining something Really Great. If you are not able to do that then still you have formed a space in someone’s heat and mind that nobody can replace.

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