Having a Sensitive Heart is a Curse in Modern Times!!

Love is Rare in Modern World

Heart Needs Love and Soul Connection

You might be amazed at a little strange title of my blog but I am convinced of what I have written. Let me tell you some simple reasons to think like it. Modern World is full of gadgets and changing technologies, and at the same time the luxury oriented LIFE asks us to fight a hard battle to be Prosperous and to reach at a certain Social Stature in a shortest possible way!

It is really good and motivational way of thinking in a way but it has started to overcome human emotions and feelings for others. We are too busy in striving for better jobs, being at top positions, owning the best houses and cars, and to find peace in parties and vacations. But the biggest thing that we are forgetting is the distance that is automatically being created among the Human Beings!

We are not ready and at most of times even able to spend quality and quantity of time with our immediate family members. We are losing an instinctive love bonding of a parent-child, among siblings and with friends also. We are losing the Emotional and Compassionate Link that our MIND can form with them. We are getting lone in our joys and sorrows, and at the same time have left our near and dear ones in the same state as well and don’t think about their peace of mind and souls!

Here I have seen a general phenomenon as if somebody says anyone to take care of other people’s emotions. A person who is crazy like me asks others to stop building castles by bulldozing the sensitive hearts, minds and souls of others. I have seen that people dislike such talks and call it strange and a kind of madness. They might even laugh at you and say that you are an impractical person out of a Utopian World!

So I see it as a decline of basic humanity and the love for material gains is superseding the empathy and even love for lovable souls. People can easily cheat even their closed ones for the sake of crossing a bigger milestone in their goal setting. Having a Dream and an Objective is not at all bad, and I am only talking about making a fine balance between what we are gaining as a great worldly successful person, and the one who loves to build relationships at a stronger level.

We need to put more of Human Ingredient into us and without being slave of machines and worldly positions. Make a wide place in someone’s heart and soul, and you will have a satisfaction of more than millions of bucks for sure, I can bet and even guarantee it to everyone!!

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