Hopelessness is a State of Mind not a Decisive Thought Process!

Optimism Spruots our of Pessimism

Hopelessness and Pessimism

Most of times we keep on giving others loads and loads of lectures about optimism and to stay all calm and positive about future outcomes. Is it something really always practical to keep on giving tips to others while we are standing on a brink of destruction and depression! Though I am a kind of person who loves to see the positive side of things and even write lots of stuff for my audience in my separate blog domain “Awakening Your Soul!”.

Even I love to go for a gut feeling that makes me peaceful even with the worst case scenarios. I am feeling that it is really very important to live in Present Moment. You can find the same thought process in my current blog “Find Peace Within” along with “Awakening Your Soul!” With due apology to all my readers that I am feeling quite low at the moment as I think it is not always practical to be hopeful.

Hope is a mental state that allows us to see positive things coming to us in the days ahead. I know that it is teaching of all religions and of all Soul Satisfying ancient and modern techniques. Whether you are into Prayers or you Meditate or do Yoga. You are taught to be peaceful and to live a Life of Dreams and Hopes. There is so much logic in being proactive about positive thinking pattern, and to make our lives stress free.

Have you ever thought about those people who lose all hopes or might not carry enough of FAITH, and they do Suicide. It is also a mental state where a person feels the bleakest things are right here and there. He or she feels that there is no reason to live any longer and to keep on a path of sufferings and pains. So to take a life is an extreme stage where one loses all kinds of hopes.

It is true and even proved by latest researches that people with a strong religious affiliations have quite lesser chances of depression, anxiety and they don’t do suicide to the ratio like the atheists or rebellious souls do! But that does not prove a point that there are times in everyone’s life when he or she can’t take anymore, and want to be alone in some jungle, throwing away the burdens of responsibilities and the social pressures!

It is a time when a person wants to get away from all worldly dreams and desires. He or she can’t even share the inner roller coaster ride with people who care. It looks like a stage when we want PEACE and Freedom from the questions of the world. It is due to the fact that we have no control over our lives and we are losing all strings attached to optimism and love for life.

It seems too cliched at that time when someone says that life is very beautiful. No! The beauty and peace comes from inside. If my soul is empty and on destructive edge then I can’t find these word to satisfy my hunger for a LIFE that is mine, and that gives meaning to my existence!!

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