Human Factor….Ahh !!

Injustice and Brutality on Human Beings

Prisoned Dreams

We are always led to this notion that human nature is wild and we can’t fight with our basic instincts. It is the case of psychological paradigms. We are here on earth to live and to do acts according to some principles. The instinctive desires are there but you cannot hide out behind it for all sorts of actions that anyone is committing. Well! There is a difference in our demand for love and compassion from our immediate family members, and a need to be well recognized and appreciated by the general society.

We cannot relate this feeling and craving with the so-called human instinct to run over others, and the clichéd philosophy that says “Survival of the Fittest”. It is absolutely wrong and in fact most inhumane thing that is introduced to us as a general rule. It gives all mighty people and state a right to bulldoze others  with their wishful desires, and to crush all individual symphonies that can only be created in free environment. 

If we find it too instinctive to apply the mighty rule then we are subject to the rules and oppressions of those who have power, money and channels to still over our heads. I am asking all those societies who speak so much about the Human Rights and even Animal Rights. But their governments and forces are doing genocide of thousands of human beings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Myanmar and many African countries. Here I am not mentioning the brutal raps and killings that Indian forces are doing in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. 

Can we ignore it on the name of Human Instinct and Natural factor to wipe out the oppressed ones. It is not so and I don’t agree that human nature is only taking us to the level of brutality that we saw in Guantanamo and Abu Gharib Jail. It is the celebration of evil and darkest human emotions. No sane person can support such “Very Human-like” acts. Only mad and insane minds can do such things. Only those who take pleasure out of the cries of innocent women, children and generally speaking all human beings.

Lets be more concious about the world around  and look and voice out for those who really are oppressed and tortured to most degraded level on the string of might and power. Don’t look at the glossy and fake presentations on media that shows what the masterminds behind think of creating a hype. Search out for the people who need our support, help and love. 

We need to empathize and sympathize with all such people regardless of the classification of race, colour, religion and language. Be more universal and more human friendly form now onwards. Just get out of your cosy shells and raise your voices for the oppressed people who do not live in comfortable environments like you, and due to the so-called human factor that is caused by people and governments who have the power and a self proclaimed right of oppression!!

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