Human Perceptions Might be Different at Individual Levels?

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I wonder at times that we all are used to saying some clichéd statements like understanding the Reality of Situation. But it is still a vague thing as if we really have a grasp to the word REALITY. I think a Big NO, as everyone has a different perception about life and things under considerations. So we cannot say that we know reality all well but can say that we take things in a specific way, and we can only convey our thoughts and ideas in the same acceptable manner otherwise it will be rejected by society!
Do We All Have Same Mental Perceptions? 
Here I would not go into the details of a long debate of philosophers who are studying Human Mind, and they ask as if the “Grass is Green”. I know that the majority is authority and what the world has suggested us to say things in a certain manner. Then we are obliged to do so as to be called Sane Human Beings. Otherwise I may still see Grass in different color, and only say that color GREEN due to social ideas inculcated inside my brain.
Reality might be Entirely Different at Individual Levels
Reality is an overdose of statements that Majority of People say around. It might be quite different for each individual person. I may not be able to convey to you that it is not a matter of fact for everyone, to act and react in a same way. What you call “Peace of Mind” might be a ‘Total Chaos’ for me. But I accept and respect your description, and say it as a “Soul Satisfying” experience. Otherwise the world around me would call me Mad and Insane!
Who is a Normal Human Being as per Worldly Rules
I don’t want to make you bored of what I want to convey but in a simple way that your idea of FUN might not fit in my mind frame, and it makes the Facts and Reality all too different from yours!
It is a thesis of my discussion and the fact that everybody might not see a “Film” or a “Reality Show” as Interesting as the Media depicts with the figure of Ratings. In fact you are not counting the percentage of people who ignored the survey or voted against it. 
Politics and Our Wrong Standard of Judgement…!!
Same is the case with Political Elections. Do you think that a majority vote means that a Candidate is fit to RULE a Nation? No! He or she might not be eligible but the fantasies and illusions of some people make him a President, Prime Minister or a Leader in fact. So I end up my case here as if you are person who want to go no in a routine life with all pressures to think normal or you are convinced that you are different and see the ‘Real Reality’ of Things Around?

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