Incendies – An Incredible Film on Palestine Issue

Palestine Issue and Best Reality Film

Incendies – A True Drama Film

A friend of mine asked me to watch a film that is brilliant and classy but didn’t get into too much of world media’s limelight. He told me that it might be due to its subject matter which is an independent, and fair presentation of Palestinian issue through the eye of a protagonist. Yes! I saw this incredible film named “Incendies” on a recommendation and got stuck into its story and presentation.

It made me cry and keep on thinking about the sensitivity with which it was made, and how it will be in real as news form Gaza and Palestine spread around. Yes! Indeed it is a neutral opinion as the said film was produced in Canada, and it is in French language. With subtitles I saw it as I am big fan of French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese films!

I must admit that the presentation is so natural and no melodrama at any place! The leading actress “Nawal Marwan” whose real name is “Lubna Azabal” did a par excellence job, and I really wonder why “Incendies” was only nominated, and  not given a ‘Best Foreign Language’ Oscar Award for 2010. Is it due to the facts that are hidden in rumours that Oscar Awards are all political, predefined and prejudiced? Yes! I have heard and read it from so many independent and free thinking sources!

How can a brilliant and independent jury forget “Incendies” with a painful but so realistic presentation of a misery and sufferings of a Palestinian girl who is an immigrant to Lebanon and then to Canada, and in fact is not even a Muslim? But she had undergone through all pain and misery due to being a resident of State of Palestine, and despite being Christian she fell in love with a Muslim boy.

I must recommend you to watch it without any prejudice and then comment me back as how you found it out. I suppose that a scene when Israeli soldiers are going to burn a whole bus of Muslim passengers, and the protagonist “Nawal Marwan” survived out showing her cross in the neck. A Muslim Lady gave her a girl child to save her from burns and death. That little girl knew that there was fire and her mother is dying, but she runs back to her real mother and blasted in air with her!

Then you will not get out of the climax that happened just at the end when the heroine’s kids went on a trip to Palestine to find the lost son of their mother, and off course their father as well, being asked by them according to their mother’s last will. The last dialogues give you a blow of mind, and when you get to a new level of understanding then I think every sane person with little of humanity will lose his or her nerves!

When you come to know about a new realization that is not far-fetched but I fact happens at many places even outside the torture cells of Israel for Palestinian. I couldn’t get a tight sleep for at least three nights, and the scenes along with dialogues that kept on swirling in my mind, and mu soul suffered a lot.

I am a new person with an understanding and a big question about where are Human Rights Activists, in case of Gaza and Palestine or Bosnia and Kashmir and any other place where there is genocide, massacre and rape all around!

Even if you love a good film and leave all politics and wars aside then I am sure you will not only fall in miserable kind of love with this film, and your conscious will force you to recommend it to others as well. It is perfectly made out to touch your hearts, mind and soul!

It is indeed an incredible movie in the history of World’s Cinema in terms of direction, production, storyline and acting. Fabulous job by “Nawal Marwan” and off course by director “Denis Villeneuve”.  It is based on a play of same name by writer “Wajidi Mouawad”.

It is a must watch movie and gives you a new dimension to pains and miseries of other human beings if you are having a sensitive and caring heart and soul which I believe that world is not infertile of having real human empathy and emotional link!!

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7 thoughts on “Incendies – An Incredible Film on Palestine Issue

  1. Salil Saleh

    Yes friend..I have seen this film “Incendies” and it is just mind boggling reality. I was also deeply touched by its presentation that is so real!!

    • I am thankful and feel good that you saw this film and feel the pain and misery that is shown and which is in fact a reality!!

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