Issues and Chaos Leads to Emotional Human Reactions!

Hope and Dreams

Hope and Motivation

Sometime it happens to every sane person in life that he or she does not know what to think in real. It is time for the real understanding of the problems that exist in the SOUL and Mind of that person. Sometimes it is too necessary to keep a vigilant look at what is happening in our lives, and how we can cope with the difficult situation. If it happens in individual or collective lives of any nation. Every painful scenery is worth a silence and it needs to be given a proper respect.

But seeing so many innocent children dead in a coward act of Terrorism in Pakistan has just shook my soul. I cannot imagine anything and not even think of good things and places. I cannot dream of great future of Humanity as I have seen the worst case scenarios that make me feel all empty headed, and think on a pessimistic note about our own future.

What is the real matter of going for all this technology advancements and progress when it can shatter at any moment? When we are losing our kids who would create the great FUTURE then we are left with no option to mourn over insanity that the world is going onto. We have developed such weapons of mass destruction, and the ones that can destroy a whole nation in a far off land. Here are Chemical and Biological weapons produced by developed countries, so why we talk about Humanity and make Human Rights Organizations!

Making huge castles in the air is always very easy, and same is the case with pronouncing great Principles and Fundamentals of Human Sanctity. But Life does not give those people a chance who want to take advantages of weaknesses of others. The manipulation and overpowering over arm-less and common people is very easy. It can happen through Great Media Hype, and even creating a whole fuss about something that is a kind of Non-existent Reality!

Being a normal human being with emotions and a desire to see peace and prosperity on this planet EARTH. I like to see people getting out of small or big prejudices, racial and religious differences. The philosophy of “live and Let Live” is so much true, only if we really implement in our personal and social lives. We can be the practitioners of the same fundamental for all the people in the world with Equality and Justice, to make this world a piece of Heaven!!

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About aftabnisar

I am creative writer and in fact thinker who is continuously in search of purpose and meaning of life, and how to serve humanity with filling their souls and minds with loads of optimism, motivation and to lead them to find their own way to spirituality and eternal success!! Thank You. Aftab Nisar