Make a New Year Resolution to Think About Making World a Peaceful Place!!

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Every now and then I hear some world renowned leaders keep on giving statements about Peace and Prosperity for the Whole World. The irony of the situation is that same leaders and states are involved in occupying foreign lands, indulging the whole world into meaningless wars. If it is war for a cause then it is only to capture the natural resources of that Particular country. Otherwise there is no solid reason for entering troops in the Sovereign Lands of Others!

If here some people think that all NATO countries under the supervision of the Sole Superpower means United States of America entered Afghanistan. Do you agree that it was only a reason to kill the Alien Terrorists? I don’t think so but the problem that people of Afghanistan faced with Daisy Cutter Bombs flooding from air and killing innocent civilians including women and children was ever justified. Do you really think so that Bombs and Missiles see a difference in in Innocent and the culprit person?

No! definitely not, and it happened for more than a decade, and the “Afghan” people who were tired and wounded to their souls due to battle with “Soviet Union” are again in great agony. Then we saw in last decade that “Iraq” was captured and live telecast of Missiles and Bombs had stricken the capital city Baghdad. It was done on the name of saving the world from the Chemical Weapons that are nowhere found till date, and it is great mystery!

So it is time for the Common Man living in every city, town, county and country to raise voices against the irrelevant and meaningless military occupations, and of course about the genocide of innocent civilians. If the world and political leaders were so fair then why nobody bothered to condemn the Israel for attack on Gaza and Palestine. Where were all Human Rights Activists?

New Year Resolutions need to be renewed as to make this world a peaceful place of residence for everyone. We must not look at the race, language, ethnicity and religion. But we need PEACE and Love to be scattered all around, and it can easily be done if the masses decide to raise their voices to end all wars and acts of “terrorism”. So we have to make new commitments and New Kinds of Resolutions for the Coming Year and all through our lives, and teach the same lesson to our coming generations as well!!

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