Media is a wide range category and it will deal with films, television, musical and other kinds of reviews and updates as well.This section will also discuss some serious global issues as well that are in media’s limelight.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis has Risen the Global Humanitarian Concerns

I have into all this news and continuous anxiety that surrounded the escape of Syrian victims from their homeland. The…

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Don’t Move – A Film about Human Loneliness and Inside Storms (Non ti Mouvere)!

Being a great fan of Drama Films and passionate about the expertise that are exhibited through storyline, dialogues, screenplay, acting,…

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Dualism of Political Leaders of Pakistan!!

Pakistan is facing the worst case scenario at this moment, and the whole nation is facing dilemma. Here is no…

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Scoops and Scandals Play and Vital Role in Publicity of Bollywood Stars!!

It is just a phenomenon that we audiences keep on listening and reading about gossips that are related with Bollywood…

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Paulo Coelho – World’s Most Influential Writer and Philosopher at Present!!

I am seeing a new trend in literary circles and in common people that they follow a certain mind frame…

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Savior – A Film of Substance on Tragedy of Bosnia!!

The world is so much confined to media exposure and art is seen and millions and billions of people. Now…

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Religious Extremism and Extinction of Minorities is an Indian Doctrine

The subcontinent has been subject to strange upheavals due to a continuous rivalry that is a must part of India…

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Why India has Been Given a Nuclear Security Clearance!!

World is going to a distasteful method of consuming the energies of all people with a hope to go for…

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