My Eyes are Wandering for Dreams!

Soul needs Love and Hope

Dreams and Goals to Success!

My eyes are wandering for dreams

The ones I cannot catch a glimpse

The ones I dare not to see

The ones that takes me away from sane world

Into wilderness of desires


Fight a battle of love and triumphs

I want to die a peaceful death


My Dreams ask me to get on a move


Reach for a new Destiny

That is still unknown and

Full of fears and destructive visions

I am dying with the hope to get some hopes

Not a single thing keeps me at peace


I have no reason to let go off this life

It is a Divine Rule

I have to LIVE and keep on searching for some Dreams

That might be found in a trash

Thrown by some others beings


A Breathing Companion for Me!

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About aftabnisar

I am creative writer and in fact thinker who is continuously in search of purpose and meaning of life, and how to serve humanity with filling their souls and minds with loads of optimism, motivation and to lead them to find their own way to spirituality and eternal success!! Thank You. Aftab Nisar

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