My Soul is Weeping for Lost Flowers!

Love at Global Level will Give Peace to Humanity

Hope and Motivation to End Brutality and Terrorism

I don’t know how I can express my grief and sorrow for the lost lives of school children at Peshawar in Pakistan. It is a coward act of terrorism where innocent children were targeted for the sake of creating a panic in a country. It is not a normal act of terrorism but a truly one sided approach to dishonor the integrity of a free nation, and at the same time hitting a sensitive area in the hearts and souls of all sane persons, not only of “Pakistan” but all around the Globe.

When we talk about Humanity and Integrity of Individual Lives, and to protect our upcoming generation and our kids from dangers of war, terrorism, poverty and hunger. Children are pure souls and we see them like flowers, and that is common human psyche everywhere. Then we are left with little excuse as how we can remain indifferent to such a big incident in any part of world. The whole world community must be united to raise its voice, and to see it as an act of brutality on small souls!

How can you and I be so indifferent and remain aloof of the situation that is alarming and distracting. I have lost a “Little Faith on Humanity” as who is such a cruel person to hit direct bullets on the faces and bodies of Fragile Children. But soon I realize the scenario of “Palestine or Gaza” where children were killed brutally in carpet bombardment by Israeli forces, and not a single country and so called Human Rights Activists raised their voices.

So the case of brutal murder of school children in the city of “Peshawar of Pakistan” would remain insignificant to the world community. Here it is important to understand that 16th December is a bitter day in the History of Pakistan when its eastern part named as East Pakistan was separated by conspiracies and war by India, that part is now known as “Bangladesh”. So it is not a coincidence that “India” being still the number one Enemy of Pakistan can be behind this act of most barbarous terrorism!

The tests and turmoil in the lives of nations are very important and some incidents unite the segregated parts of society. It is a time to re-think about Pakistan as a One Nation. So you need to be all focused to find your unified enemy, and to crush the enemy’s agenda to divide and create chaos not only in single life but in the lives of hundreds of families.

So it is really very important to condole with the grieving families but at the same time, feeling a sense of responsibility towards finding ways to a single enemy. It is a time that each Pakistani should realize that they are not separate but can only win their integrity and true freedom as a united family. So do not expect anything from others and from insensitive world but fight a battle within your souls, to stick to True Teachings of Islam, and to live in ha

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