Platonic Love Exists Somewhere??

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Platonic Love is a Myth or Reality

I am student of literature and I kept on reading different things that are discussed here and there. Most of times it is not a case as ideal that literary people have presented us. Like I would share my thoughts as what is “Platonic Love” and how to explain it in modern terms. If you tell me about literary way then it is a description by a famous philosopher Plato. It tells a mental state when a person is in love with other one without having a desire to acquire him or her physically.

Platonic Love means a love that involves Soul Connection, and it has nothing to with material gains, outward beauty and to get any kind of benefit. So it is really an important aspect of Human Psyche and it must be in the world sometime. But at this moment, I cannot find that this philosophy does not work right here at the moment!

Now the whole world has changed and it becomes only a clichéd statement that a person can love without expecting anything. Here the human psyche has changed and we love to be loved, and to get benefit in one way or other. Either we feel the comfort of having someone who adores us and can give us something like love, compassion and a TIME for sure. Now the soul connection and just keep on thinking about a beloved is no more payable.

It is a world of quick actions, responses and demands. Now no one wants to be in love with someone who cannot give him or her anything. Now Love is a matter of give and take, and people have no time to spend in thinking and living in dreams. Modern worlds has snatched the innocent and pure forms of love and even a simple way of life!

It is a tragedy in itself as we are not realizing its drastic dangerous effects. We are losing the concerns and bonding that our ancestors used to have. Asking anyone to date or to have a one night stand won’t give anyone real happiness, and it eventually turns out into loneliness and desperation, and off course depression. Is it possible that we can develop purity in relationship, and I am leaving to my respectable audience to guide me in this context!!

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