Real Earnings of Life – A Query !!

Self Esteem and Respect

Real Earning of life is Success and High Self Esteem

When I was a teenager then I listened to a poem by a famous Urdu Poet “Ibn Insha”. He wrote in a very beautiful and in a river flow manner about LIFE and what Human Beings really earn out of this short span of time on Earth. Yes! We are no this planet for a short time, and even don’t know when our end will come. Death is waiting for each soul like a hawk is waiting for its prey to capture!

We are blindfolded with ‘Worldly Passions and Desires’ and forget about this greatest reality that is intact with us from the time of our births. So the poet who had developed cancer to a last stage was asking or in fact begging to God Almighty, to grant him some more days of ‘Life as a Loan’. As he had to perform many duties, and say his love things to those with whom he was always able to remain in a state of unsaid relationship!

Life is really an ILLUSION and only our Instinct of Survival gives us direction to work on plans. But do you really think that everybody in present days or in past has or had spent his or her life in a positive way? A Big NO! I am sure you will agree to my point as we all have read in History Tales that people ruined and crushed whole nations and civilizations for their lust of the world and material things, and to have a desire to remain in history forever!

It is not a matter of discussion here that Hitler, Picoche, Edie Amin, Pharaohs, Alexander the Great or other known names are still alive in our books. Though they were on negative side of life and dealings with others! We are still watching the Films and Television Serials on barbarous acts of Greek or Roman Elites. But have you ever given it a second though as what those people took with themselves. Even if you do not believe in “Afterlife” as I do then still my query stands right here!

Don’t you think that those people turned into dust particles, nitrogen or ashes mixed in soil or water? Whatever remains are the historical monuments or the great buildings but what they got out of all cruelty and barbarism? Nothing to be true! So why not we all start to think about Humanity and its Miseries and Pains as a Collective Issue!

Who knows what is happening to them in life hereafter, and if you do not believe in it then won’t you agree that it was even more for a momentary pleasure what they did? They are in the history and minds of people as the negative of evil personalities, and we remember them as brutes and whatever not to say. So to love humanity and to try to make peace in this present world of ours must be a simple quest for everyone.

If we are fair enough then we can start it from ourselves and this positive vibe to save human beings from further tortures, pains, killings and other kinds of evil activities will definitely vanish out of this world. It will be a Heaven like experience right here on earth, even before experiencing it in real. Won’t you agree with my point of view, and I will love to have your democratic port of views for sure. Thank you readers!!

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