Real Terrorism is a Hidden Fear of an Enemy!

Syrian Refugees as Global Issue

Syrian Refugees and Global Issues

It has been such a long debate as how and why there are so many chaotic situations in the whole world. Even some intellectuals are on study of Human Psyche as what is the real mind-set that asks a leader or its followers to attack on other people. They want to kill and do all kinds of brutal acts that can’t be spilled out of my pen or keyboard. But it is far much Reality that is seen and read in History Books!

So the matter of fact is that the Evil was created as along the Goodness, and it is a test of Humanity as and when it will go in which way. Some people are tested by Nature with having guns, grenades, and all weapons in their hands, and the rest are tested as witnesses. The victims are always victims and “God Almighty” will be fair with them for sure. But I think the greatest test is the reaction of that community of human beings who can raise their voices and be united to fight against the Evil and Wars.

To my surprise and in fact painful experience, I have seen the common man as silent as he has smelt the snake. The so called “Human Rights Organizations” do not raise voices against acts of violence and terrorism, either by state level, groups or individuals. Only few communities and ideologies are targeted while the rest of the volition activities are just forgotten and unspoken. When we are so generous to let some States to do Every Sort of Terrorism, to cover up their own fears of being afraid of their so-called enemies!

It is not a far-fetched notion that the real Terrorism is caused by the Fear that exists in the Minds of People with Evil thoughts and ideas. They are afraid that they can’t sell their ideologies in the sane world, and the hidden motives behind every act of terrorism are difficult to hide out for long time. So they think it is easy to violate the sanctity of ‘human lives’ and integrity of others. It is so easy and can cause a sudden panic.

The most important point of discussion is the fact that this cult of people are so influential in the whole world that they can even effect “World Media”. We see so much hue and cry over petty matters of some countries while the wars, poverty, hunger, water scarcity and lack of educational facilities in most populated parts of the world are just too ignored. Nobody highlights such issues on media and only political and long formatted policies are presented to give twist to the realities.

The Real Reality is FEAR that the underprivileged people will realize about their own rights, and the violation by the oppressive few in communities, counties and in all around the Globe. But they are afraid as if the whole world that is full of Common Man will understand the Truth, and they cannot create chaos and impose wars on the name of saving the world from terrorism, which is in fact created by the same forces to suppress, and to hid their own fears of being in limelight of the hidden agendas!

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