Rear UP Your Child in a Manner to Induce Great Self Confidence!

Self Confidence and Motivation

Self Confidence Plays a Vital Role in Child’s Future Success

Parenting is not an easy job as it looks to so many people. When a BABY is born and brought up in house from hospital then it means you are responsible for a whole New LIFE, and any wrong turn will ruin not only a single personality. But here I don’t know how many people really feel this responsibility! So it is really necessary to rear up your Child in an Environment of Self Confidence and Love!

When you are standing in this Universe as a Mother or Father of a Girl or Boy then you have to stop thinking of yourself for some time. Think from the eyes and mind of your young offspring, and then you will have a paradigm shift in your nature and thinking pattern. You will love to keep on visualizing and doing things according to the requirements and comforts of your child.

Nature has given such a tremendous trait that is called Parenting, and being in this cycle makes you feel as an entirely new entity. You will love to make plans and decide whatever is best for your kid. But do you ever consider that a CHILD does not only requires nourishment, clothing and shelter. He or she needs YOUR Time, Love and Compassion along with a deeper plan to give them an environment of Trust, Confidence and Peace of Mind!

If you try to become a friend of your own chill then you will see that it is a rare phenomenon that they will be misdirected. Don’t force your thoughts and ideas on them and instead of it you can become their best buddies. Share your own childhood experiences, and then eventually they will start opening up their issues, concerns and demands of life in front of you.

Having an insight into your Child Psychology will definitely help you to find better reasons to solve their outwardly smaller issues. They seem small to you as a grown up but if you start looking from the perspective of your child then those are really very big things in life! You will definitely try to solve their problems, and to let them grow in an environment of trust and self-confidence.

Keep one thing in mind for sure, your signals of confidence and trust will live with your kid for a whole life. They will grow up with best EQ results, and emotionally balanced personality will let them make decisions of  life in a practical and logical way. So if you are already a parent or expecting to be then start developing your own psyche with different set of thoughts, feeling and ideas. You will find your own kids as GEMS to the Whole World out there!!

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