Religious Extremism and Extinction of Minorities is an Indian Doctrine

Religious Extremism of India

Extremism of Indian Political Elites

The subcontinent has been subject to strange upheavals due to a continuous rivalry that is a must part of India and Pakistan relationship. The extremist elements in India never accepted the foundation of Pakistan in 1947. They tried their best to give a newly born country all the tough time with a stoppage of due finds and artillery. The Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the Juangarh and Manadar besiege by Indian military was a disaster.

Now you have to look at every corner of history to find out how Hindus brutally killed Muslims who were migrating to Pakistan after announcement of Foundation of this new country. British Rule was over and Pakistan was and still is a REALITY but Indian extremist never compromised on it. They used Sikhs altogether to kill all Muslims who were on roads and trains for theirdream homeland, and they raped Muslim women, and still you can found an old lady on a brink of death in Indian Punjab House, hiding out to say Islamic Prayer. Though here name would be Nrimal Kaur or Amrita Gautam.

Yes! It is a hard-core reality but what is the life of all those Muslims who didn’t migrate. Do they live all in peace under the so-called “Umbrella of Secularism” in India? No, they are living a worst life as if they try to live according to Islamic principles. Those who confused and condemned their own religion for the sake of gaining the happiness of Hindu Extremists are known to be present day’s stars. All Bollywood actors like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Slaman Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and lot more have taken a stance of being secular individuals! They have married Hindu women and they pray according to Hindu rituals. This is the price they have to pay for fame and fortune there!

If you look at the scenario of present mood’s government in India. He is elected prime minister with a title of BJP. You know very well about BJP, and it was a party that demolished and burned “Babri Masjid”, a religious Muslim prayer place of centuries old. Nobody in the world made hues and cries about freedom of expression and practice of free religious rituals. This man Narindra Moodi was a Chief Minister of Gujrat Province when thousands of Muslims were massacred, and their houses were burnt by extremist and fanatic Hindus.

Moodi claimed to make India a state that is free from minorities and especially of Muslims. He used it as a slogan in election campaign, to turn Muslims of India to “Hinduism” or to throw them out of India. Now tell me as a neutral reader as where is that “Shining and Incredible India Slogan”. Why the world and especially United States of America is so lenient for the war and civil crimes that are caused by Hindu Extremists on the name of their religion!

Why such a Fanatic Hindu with his violent acts is elected as a Prime Minister there. The irony of situation is that nobody calls him or his part members as “Terrorists” or “Extremists”. I am feeling strange to be part of this double faced but so-called civilized world. But I am addressing the progressive youth of world and feel quite a good thing that they will rise against injustice that is done with Muslims of World and of India. Now Extremism and Terrorism should be defined on a broader spectrum, and not to go with Muslims or with People of Pakistan!!


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