Rising Suicide Rate in Developed Countries!

Humna Isolation and Escape to Death

Loneliness, Depression and Suicide

The high rate of suicide is a danger sign that is all around but especially in developed countries. It is time to ponder by the thinkers and experts of sociology and psychology up there. When they are living in comforts and luxuries, and even in social welfare states then what is the real reason. Most of suicides cases have no relation with poverty, unemployment or other sorts of social and economic pressures.

When someone makes an analysis about the third world countries or the developing one then it is discussed as a common phenomenon that people take their lives due to financial reasons. Suicide causes are mainly due to poverty and social and cultural restraints. But what are the real causes of this behavior and action in the countries that are vocals of human rights and freedom of expression, along with all modes and methods of finding pleasures, joys and luxuries!

It happens mainly due to isolation and indifference that exists to abnormal levels in most of developed countries in Europe, United States, Canada and many more. Family system has broken a long time ago and people are only running after material gains and losing a Soul Connection with one another. Love exists to no level and most of kids are raised by single parents. So it makes them feel distant from their closed family members, and they can’t find the real comfort of home.

Human Beings are born to be social species and they need love, share and care and if it is not the case then a person at a highest point in career can lose nerves to stay alive. The urge to take someone’s life is not an easy thing, and it is diagnosed as a psychiatric result in some cases but mostly it is really very impulsive.

Have you ever think about a psyche of a person who is determined to take his or her own life. It must like a person who is left in an environment without Oxygen, and you know that vital source is love, compassion and to listen to someone when that person desperately needs someone. I feel the lack of emotions and empathy has led not only the ordinary people to the brink of Suicide.

But I have studied the cases on famous Hollywood actors and singers, and even I was shocked to know about a top football player of Germany who threw himself in front of a running train. It is not normal as these people enjoyed fame, fortune and best of things in the world. But why they took their lives?

The only reason that comes in mind is the human aloofness and in fact loneliness, and we should try to think and act on removing the emotional gaps between our loved ones and friends to make a better and less vulnerable society, despite the fact where ever we live. Do you agree with my point as I would love to know about your feedback on this sensitive issue!!

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