Rohingya Muslims are Facing Worst Human Genocide – World is Acting Just?

Muslim Ethinc Cleansing in Myanmar

Rohingya Muslims, Genocide & World Silence

While it is said to be a civilized world in 21st Century with technology so advanced that human mind may be fused out. The world media presents itself so strong that all proxy wars are actually running on media. So, as a common man expects that the problems, issues and the barbarism or brutality will be shown to the world through this media honestly. The voices of all Human Rights Activist around the globe will be risen and we can see victims of genocide, rape, looting, and the torture will be shown and people will be stopped. Here I am talking about Rohingya Muslims and their current miseries.

Though the crimes and torture, genocide and the humiliation is not just limited to Myanmar under the Butcher “Ashin”, who is so-called the follower of religious teachings of “Buddha”. Nor it is addressed to the evil lady named “Aung San Suu Ki” who has been wrongly graced with Nobel Peace Prize (A big question mark on the authenticity of Nobel Prize has also risen). The Rohingya Muslims were long been butchered, tortured and they were not allowed to keep any comfort of the civilized world from the time Burma and currently Myanmar is on the map of Asia.

The Burmese Muslims were supposed to live in jungles, and not to get education and to eat any protein diet. As to keep them healthy. The Myanmar police and forces had a habit if ruining their agricultural lands, kidnapping the Muslim girls and women of all ages and to rape and kill them. While men are subject to be kept under cages and currently world has seen the Buddhist Forces have burned alive the men, women and kids, cut their body parts into pieces. They have made videos to showcase the world that what you guys can do. Those who tried to escape the heinous tortures of so-called Aung San Su Ki army are thrown back. Even the Rohingya Muslims who were capable of reaching to shores and got on boats were not accepted by any country.

Strange is the behavior of World Humanitarian Organizations, and then the Muslim world. Only Turkey stood out of crowd and its president with his wife reached Myanmar, and they cried and helped people out there. Turkish president Erdogan asked Bangladesh (the neighboring Muslim country) to open borders of Rohingya Muslims, and all expenses of refugees will be paid off by Turkish Government. The refugees is Burma, Nepal or any other condition are under open sky, without food.

The thesis is the killings and one of the largest human genocide after Syria and Palestine is due to the political and under the earth resources. God Knows the Reality but it is strange in fact pathetic that millions of Muslims were killed in recent times in Syria, Indian Occupied Kashmir, India and Burma (Myanmar). But the world and human rights vocalists act as dumb and mute. Why and for how long human beings will be butchered, cut into pieces and will face the worst war crimes in Myanmar and they well keep their voices shut, and don’t even take proper action. A complete ban over Burma, taking back Nobel Prize for Aung San Suu Ki, capturing Ashin and a case of genocide against him in ICJ, boycotting its air zone and trade-routes and lot more sanctions that are all possible. Most important to send either peace keeping UN forces there or evacuate Muslims out of Myanmar.

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