Sensitive Hearts Around Globe Will Feel the Burden of Death of Innocents!

War and Peace in World

State Terrorism and War Phobia

It is a universal phenomenon that good and evil always coincide with human beings, and they always have to choose one path or other. But the ultimate reality is that the Soul Satisfaction is in the Fate of those who stand with Right Cause and Goodness. Though we might see a temporary rise of Evil or Negative Passions, Ideologies and Believers, to supersede the human race. But they won’t last and it my firm belief!

I stand by what I say as I heard and saw the snaps of dead children and teachers of a School in the city of Peshawar of Pakistan.  It just took me along with the whole community of sane human beings with shock and agony. All those people who have their own kids or they love children, flowers, rains, clouds, streams, green valleys and beautiful flowers can feel the same kind of pain in their hearts. They are weeping with or without tears!

Humanity and Sanctity of Lives is at Question with Recent Global Trends

The Coward Act of Terrorism against the armless and innocent SOULS shook the conscious of all civilized people in the whole world. What is the real thin line between Human Beings and Animals? Even animals have instincts to save their own species and why there is so much chaos and hatred among people of different societies, cultures, religions or followers of different ideologies”. Do Devil plays its part well in bringing all world with human beings as enemies or is it something inborn among some people. Is it a real mental disorder!

Do some people really feel pleasure and joy at the pains ad sufferings of others? I wonder as if these organisms can be really called “Human Beings”. As I have always heard and read the definition of Humanity as a sophisticated and logical being, with an urge to find new corridors of Knowledge and to find ways of Success. Do we really live in the era of “Stone Age Civilization”? I think those people must be more sophisticated then these terrorists and horrible murders.

Killing Innocent Women and Kids has No Logical Explanation

Terrorists were found out to have no mercy on innocent souls, and it is still an ambiguity as if those persons had some real motive. It might be possible that they were mere puppets with brain washed and objectified visions. They must not have their own hearts or they would have crushed it long ago. I think such Suicide Bombers and Shooters are like robots whose brain memory is filled up with the killing orders of anyone who comes in a way.

The small and innocent cries and appeals would definitely have no effect on their hearts, minds and souls. Otherwise we could have seen a very different ending to a horrible and gruesome details that have seen at the Gulshan e Iqbal Park in Lahore of Pakistan, and it is not a tale of one city and country. It can happen anywhere and with anyone, and all parents and sensitive people are insecure of their future that they see through their own children. I am in tears and can’t write anyone about this subject!!

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