Smart Personality is a Quality with Positive and Negative Attributes!

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Most of times, I do wonder what is the reality of human psyche and how people spend their short terms on this world. Do they spend it positively or keep on planting negative seeds for others. What is the real impulse behind all EVIL Deeds that People do for others? I am on a continuous Research on this, and unfortunately I haven’t reached at a conclusion!

Now I have another query in mind as if a Clever Person is having a “Natural Bliss or a Curse”. I am really not going to be convinced of what the meaning of being CLEVER is, and what is the difference between a clever and a smart or intelligent person. I think a clever person keeps on looking at the surroundings and finds a safe passage to implement his ideology by hook or crook.

On the other hand a Smart Person with best IQ and EQ level tries to turn things in his favor but not at the cost of ruining others. They believe in Motivation and Optimism, and how to fight away anxiety and daily life’s stresses. But they follow a positive and rightful path, to go on a long journey of SUCCESS. Life is never easy for most of people on Globe but it is smart choice to tackle the difficult situations, in a way to live a happy, peaceful and prosperous life!

Life gives every person different tests and trials, and it is all predestined to some level. So a person who works with clear mind deals with difficult situations in a clear headed way. He or she will make choices that are really necessary to go on a path of Growth and Success. But they will never like to disturb to destroy other mentality. So they are smart, intelligent and clever in a rightful way. It is all good and one needs to be in this way in present times!

But a search for freedom and prosperity for the sake of ruling observe others, and to think that we can rule and ruin others for our benefit. But this kind of thinking pattern only leads to Negative Mind-set, and to produce evil ambitions. No sane person in the world can endorse such negative cleverness.

So I ask you to see the global scenarios and try to pick up different situations, and discuss on this platform which action of an individual or a state is clever devices of infusing bad vibe around. It might not be true that people or nations who claim to be Human Rights Activists, and they are doing all kinds of damages to Humanity and to World’s Peace and Prosperity which we can easily move forwards as a whole human Species!!

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I am creative writer and in fact thinker who is continuously in search of purpose and meaning of life, and how to serve humanity with filling their souls and minds with loads of optimism, motivation and to lead them to find their own way to spirituality and eternal success!! Thank You. Aftab Nisar

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