Smart Gadgets Like iPhone & Android Phones are Consuming Human Emotions!!

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Gadgets vs Human Emotions

So the best thing that comes out of modern age is the introduction of so many luxuries and gadgets that have made it so easy to communicate, and to live in great comfort. But the matter of fact is that people are oversensitive in acquiring these GADGETS Like Smartphones and Tablets or iPhone or i-Pad. These gadgets are making us easy to access everything around the globe with one tap.

Modern Electronics a Global Issue

But the matter of concern is that it is creating a far widening gap among human beings. So it is already a problem that Modern World is giving Emotional Distances, and these gadgets are further widening it. When you have access of everything with a single touch, and then you don’t even need to open up your Laptop of PC, and have everything to watch and learn with Live Streaming and can Download it on your Smartphones, and save it in a cloud for all the reasons to come for future.

New Smart World Psyche

When you have a Smartphone that was a revolution by the introduction of iPhone, i-Pad and iPod. It is a contribution of “Steve Job”, and he  did a marvelous job and it changes the whole Psyche of people of the world. Though Apple was a pioneer with these gadgets but it was soon followed by Samsung, LG, Huawei and many other companies.

Interaction and Motivation Out

Now we see a war in gadget world of applications, systems and all the facilities that a person can get out of a pocket, and then reach out to world with internet connection through Wi-Fi or Data Connection!I am not complaining about the use of all these gadgets but I am concerned about its overuse. Now I can see as if there a five persons in a room, and they hardly talk but busy with the gadgets that is in his or her hand. For me as a person who is concerned about the Human Emotions and Sharing and Caring. I am deeply worried that we all are getting insensitive and have lost concern with people all around.

Loss of Human Touch 

If we keep on promoting and running behind all the technologies and forget about “Human Being” who is here to use all these things. We have already lost so much Sensitivity and Love for each other. I feel discomfort that we will lose more connections and then keep on living in Isolation and even let our near and dear ones.

They are suffering from so many issues like Anxieties, Depressions, Loneliness and many other things. It is time for all of us to set limits of using all Gadgets and then spend Quantity and Quality of TIME with people who must always matter in our lives, and would be a priority at any cost!!

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