Social Paradigms!!

Social Pressures and Human Psychology

It is general feel out there everywhere like making an overdose of lectures who we think is ready to face our bullies. It is not a healthy activity and nor does it help us to polish our skills as sophisticated human beings of a society. We have to rationalize this fact that every individual human being is special and has a right to live his or her life in a manner that suits to him or her so. We are going to the brink of a rational revolution as median and the so much widespread use of internet has made it quite possible for all people around to understand what is going on!

So if you want to sell your point of view then you have a potion to be patient and tolerate the difference of opinions. Then it is best practice to speak softly and slow in a manner that no one get an idea that you are imposing your own thought and ideas as a kind of “Must Take”kind of thing. You must avoid the statements that are more personalized, and make someone feel embarrassed or even shocked.  

The phenomenon of Ideology Imposition might be going back to pre-historic times when a leader decided to act on something. If we look at the events of twentieth century then it becomes crystal clear that people tried to grab the mindsets and lifestyles of so many people on the name of capitalism, socialism, racism and God knows how much more isms. The irony of situation remains there when we see that it was all a game of mind control and power struggle. None of them seemed to be caring a bit about individual human rights and freedom.  

We can use our intellect in a better way if we try out something that is very much human friendly. The one thing which we can change a whole level of social stances if we can inspire people with our own ways and lifestyle. Our ways in-script what we really mean, and it is much more influential then loud voices, and debates on media or live forms.  Say everything that makes you feel bad while moving around in your society but keep human feeling and emotions as a top priority!!

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