Society Asks or Forms Our Personality Traits?

Society Puts Us in Barrieirs and Restraints that Human Soul Do no Follow!

Social Barriers and New Paths of Peace and Success

I always wonder about the effects of social and cultural norms and traditions on human personality, behavior and the formation of personal or group’s principles. Yes! I have seen that people are subject to be influenced by the environment, and all kinds of social pressure and determinations forms great parts of our personalities. I have seen the variations in different cultures and social environments as a must part!

The most prominent thing happens in our childhood when our real pillars of personality traits are put in order. Here if we are asked to do something that we do not like or in a vice versa situation to perform something out of a social obligation. It is something really very interesting study that we all are enforcing an unseen pressures on others without even knowing about it.

We all are Social Animals and we are making the hardest kinds of decisions for others, without even understanding these by ourselves. We follow the path of our ancestors and it is true that there are so many practical Wisdom techniques that are conveyed to us in an easy manner. But that does not mean that we cannot go for a process of EVOLUTION in our Societies and in our Mind-sets, even if we are aware that something is happening illogically, and causes great problems for many members of the same society.

Every individual Human Being is born different and is a whole UNIVERSE inside as I read in a poetry by a Mystic Poet from East. It is all together true and we have seen many cases where an individual or a group of people deviate from the regular norms and rules of a culture or society. We have seen this case in West with a rise of Hippie Movement in 1960s and 1970s era, and then a Punk culture in 1980s as well. We are seeing the gay marriage rights being given in several countries. Isn’t it a deviation from the long terms social rules of those societies as well?

Indeed this is a paradigm shift as we see in many Asian and African countries that Girl Education in not allowed, due to social norms and considered as a very bad taboo. Even child marriages are a case in that respect, and people can’t allow their kids to marry someone of their own choices. It is all set as a general rule and does not carry a sound reasoning. So we have to work on individual or collective basis, to remove what is a hurdle in creating comfort and ease in lives of others, and to improvise something that is too good for us to revive as an emergency case!

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