Success does not come without Motivation and a Love for Good Things in Life and loving Humanity. Finding peace of mind and soul satisfaction with best deeds for Divine Love and for serving Humanity at large

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I Know Nothing About This World of Offenses..!!

I am afraid that I don’t know this world Of offenses and defenses I am so calm and quite with…

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Little Acts are Great for Self Improvement & Optimism!

Most of times, we keep on looking at the big things and ignore the small facts about life. We are…

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Human Perceptions Might be Different at Individual Levels?

I wonder at times that we all are used to saying some clichéd statements like understanding the Reality of Situation…

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Hope Fills the Human Soul with Peace…!!

The most important thing that human beings want to have in life is to peace and satisfaction. It is not…

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Love for Healing Souls!

I need love all around as My Soul is Departing from my Earthly Being! I am desperate to tell about…

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Motivation to Create Optimism in Our Lives at Hard Times!

Life is full of doses of great times and at other occasion we suffer from minor or serious problems or…

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Live a Life of Peace and Soulful Prosperity…!!

Life is too short and it is not a great thing to waste precious little time in thinking about negative…

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Stay Optimistic to Fight for Eternal Success with Strong Faith!!

Life is not a routine matter for everyone as it seems to even so many intellectuals. We are living in…

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