Suicide a Desire, Environmental Pressure or a Psychological Disorder?

Optimism and Success

Solitude and Motivation Levels

It has been a center of debate between experts of Sociology, Psychology and Philanthropy as what are the reasons of Suicides in the World. Why it is rising with the availability of more luxuries and comforts? It is a matter of deep concern as what is the real causes that make a person go for an action of taking his or her own Life. We all are striving for the best of things in life then why certain people stop believing in good things and lose Hope!

Fearful Rising Suicide Rate in the Developed Countries

I am in search of finding some of the main causes that are discussed by renowned Social Philosophers like “Durkheim” and others as well. The things that bothers me as I look at the trends of suicide rates in developed countries, and the ones with highest Social Security Provisions like Sweden, Norway, Japan, Canada. It seems more of an isolation and a distance between human beings.

Third World Countries Have Different Reasons for Suicide

The Suicide Action in Poor or Third world Countries seems to be very much related with Poverty, Hunger, Injustice, Social and Cultural Taboos. So it seems an escape from problems and issues, and it is a far more different criteria than the Suicide Rate of the West. So, the relevance among both cultures do not coincide for the cause and effect.

Why People with Fame, Success and Fortune Take their Lives

We have seen the cases of Marlin Monroe, Heath Ledger and a famous German Football player who threw himself in front of running train a few years back. Did they suffer from poverty or financial issues? No! They were pretty sound in these matters, and they have all fame and fortune that the World Desires For!!

Psychological and Neurotic Disorders as Major Cause

So the matter comes into the limelight of Psychologists who have found out that it is a Genetic Disorder, and a hormonal imbalance that makes some people prone to Suicidal Tendencies. But this is not always the case and I agree that certain cases exists when a severe Depression and Anxiety Disorder results in people taking off their lives!

Human Isolation is Definitely a Major Factor of Suicide

So the never ending debate comes to a thing that nobody wants to take off his or her life as a Desire, but it is mostly the distance of man to man that makes one feels so lonely! We have stopped sharing and caring for others, and forget to think about the issues and miseries of our closed ones.

Motivation to Fight with Depression is Really Important

They want our time and concerns but we are in a bandwagon of struggle for Material Gains, and to get new levels of Success in Worldly Status. It is time to ponder over the issues and if you feel like a need to consult a professional then do it as early as possible. So we are losing Precious Human Beings for the sake of decaying worldly things, and it is a great tragedy!!

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