Syrian Refugee Crisis has Risen the Global Humanitarian Concerns

Syrian Refugees as Global Issue

Syrian Refugees and Global Issues

I have into all this news and continuous anxiety that surrounded the escape of Syrian victims from their homeland. The collapse of boats in the deep ocean and the drowning of men, women, kids and babies. The whole story of “Aylaan”, an almost 2 year’s old toddler’s sad demise and dead body took the world with tears and fears. The world all of sudden realized the severity of Syria crisis that was caused by its own ruler “Bashar ul Assad”. It is just one tale but the continuous five years of genocide and shelling over the civilian population would have long been in notice!

I wonder why the world didn’t take it seriously and who gave a single person or a group an authority to kill millions of people. Why the world media was silent and the humanitarian organizations were keeping its eyes closed, and played the mute witnesses to the whole cruel period. Anyway, a little angelic soul who will definitely be in heaven made a way for its country people to find refuge and food by Europe and rest of world.

Here the most inspirational and a real act of motivation that held my breath came when I read that an Egyptian Billionaire has taken impressive steps. He has planned to buy a whole island for refugees from Syria, and to provide homes, education, medical and rest of facilities out there. So, the Syrian refugees will have their own homes and an identity that no one can take out for the sake of few euros of bucks, and they can live there with a self-esteem, and a lifestyle that they would choose for themselves. I am deeply impressed and in tears to remembers other victims of cruelty and wars.

Here I cannot find a logic to the mute selfishness of world when Burmese Muslim refugees were wandering in ocean, an asking different countries for shelter. But none had bothered to hear their hues and cries, and they eventually all drowned or might be in some isolated island. But the world didn’t stop the genocide in Burma, and nobody thought of providing them shelter. I am not pessimist but I am telling you a tale that was not happened a century ago but only three to four months back. I wish somebody could raise voice for Palestinian kids who died on injured in air strikes.

I can console my depressed soul with a quote that “it’s never too late”. So, I am refreshed and feel positive that the world is going from a transition phase, and it might be due to the dead body of “Aylaan”. The social media was stormed with shares, comments and rest of things. But it paved a way for the rise of humanitarian factor in a global community. I wish more and more people like that ‘Egyptian Billionaire’ will rise to the occasion, and will be able to provide the best kinds of welfare for all war victims and suffering people not now but in future as well. Bravo Humanity!!

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