The Emotional Decline Leading US All to be Mechanical Beings!!


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I think it is a tragedy with most of youth these days. They are assigned to do some other things and they live in a dreamy world that is far different one from reality. Then the real twist in tale comes when they reach at a destination that tells them to either stop or mold their capacities to do something ALL Different. Here is the time when a person cries out loud inside “where I am heading for?”I see it as a great dilemma for most of people of the modern world.

We are living an already semi-robotic life that is full of gadgets and smart technologies. Then we are not sure what will be introduced on a new day when we wake up, and all our resources and energies would no more be wanted for the past thing that we were working on. Another situation arises that the anxiety and stress of modern day’s jobs has killed the natural instinct to enjoy Nature and Beauty in it TRUE Form!

We want to surpass everything by having just a superficial look. How many people want to read a whole book with a patience to understand the wisdom that is present on each page? We want to end the story before it begins and it is so clearly visible in our relationship histories as well. We can’t wait for other person to show us the different aspects of his or her personality. After all every individual human being is a whole universe but nobody wants to give that chance to others, to reveal the real self like rose petals.

The determination to carry the philosophy to “Move ON” has killed the softer side of our natures in a general sense. That is why we feel more attached to machines, and even to movies that depict the relationship of man and machine, instead of man to man. It is psychological decline that we can no longer associate ourselves with human instincts and want to see all those things in a mechanical form. The degeneration of value of Human Being has made us animated to some extent, and it keeps on spreading in our societies if we do not try to make an individual as well as collective effort.

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