The Ironic World’s Silence over Genocide in Gaza!!

Duel Faces of Human Rights Activists

The World’s Ironic Silence

I am just trying to keep my mind from shattering too much for last couple of days as I am watching pictures and videos of innocent children killed in Israeli bombardments. I feel pain and suffering when I see a blown head of a five or six years age boy. I feel the agony at seeing a father crying over the dead bodies of his three kids in a row. I was going to cry out loud when I was seeing the dozens of children all dead in a school at Gaza of Palestine.

I could even control my tears and death binding silence over the videos of bombs that are flooded on the civilian areas of Gaza in Palestine. But one thing made me scream out loud when I saw a picture of Israeli “Sderot Cinema” that is formed on the beaches of a sea that connects Israel to the Gaza Stip. Here the chairs with all fun going activities are arranged, and Israelis come to sit out here, and watch the Live SHOW of Bomb Shelling on Innocent and Armless People of Gaza. They shout, sprout and dance with joy over every bomb that is dropped on the far side, and they hear its sound and see the fire that evokes out!

I made me sick and I got a nauseating feeling in my stomach for whole two days. Can we call them Human Beings? No! For sure not! And their behaviour reminded me of the ancient ROME where Coliseums were filled with Brutes having the faces of Human Beings and they were dying to see slaves in chains, to bring in the arena, to be a prey of hungry tigers or to let them fight with each other and see death, murder, blood all around. These Brutes were so called Civilized Romans who used to roar up like a hoard to see human beings lie down and giving their lives away, by falling in front of them.

So here are Modern Day’s Coliseums set at Gaza and many other parts of the WORLD. It is time to see the duel faces of the civilized world and its people, as those nations who are always on forefront about Clichéd Human Rights, and they make so much “hue and cry” over the violations in any case. Is there no sane person in that part of the world who is observing the Massacre and more than that a Genocide of Palestinians, right in front of media? So these people of Israel are supposed to be the Moving Characters of Hitler’s Holocaust, and they were the victims as they claimed. How can they do it to others, and I feel ashamed that there is no one with little humanistic feelings left in Israel to ask for stopping this brutality!

I am asking the whole world that is so focused on Human Rights and the violation makes them angry. They march on streets and raise placards to demonstrate their rage against any violence. Are they really not seeing or hearing anything or there is a priority difference. Where is the United Nations that is ready to send troops to any country on seeing a little chance of danger to the world community? Yes! It is all ironic and the most tragic thing is the behaviour of “Muslim World’s Rulers and Leaders”. They are so silent as if a snake is smelt! I am just drowning again in tears as if what is going to happen to this world if this demarcation keeps on going.

Who is going to wipe out the tears of Palestinians mothers and fathers who are having the dead bodies of their innocent kids in their hands? Where will the homeless children find the warmth of their mothers’ laps? I just read a phrase and it stuck in my mind “You just don’t need to be a Muslim to condemn Israel’s Brutality but You only need to be a Human Being”, If you are for any right reason!!

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