Time Sets Us Free or Chained?

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I am wandering for so long as what is a real Human Destiny, and why we keep on waiting for future when the only time we have is NOW. Yes! It is a great irony of all human individuals that we keep on framing ourselves in perfect situation in the days that nobody has seen. If my soul is aching right now then I need an antidote for it right now, not in a time zone that might not even exist for me!

I am afraid that I cannot express what I really feel when I am referring to present moment and its importance in our real lives. If I wait for a blissful moment that is no-existent right now then I am wasting my energies like all you guys. I have to have only one option, to spend this time in something that is fruitful and peaceful for me and for others around me. I am not saying that you should shun off all opportunities or plans that you have long made for coming years. So the time must make us free and not chained into a series of duties that we must perform before death!

Here I would like to give you my example as I went on a road trip last month, and considered it to be an escape from my daily chores and responsibilities. I am not afraid of daily life works and challenges but I wanted to rejuvenate my soul my soul or spirit to come back with new vigour. To start my responsibilities in a much nourished and refreshed way. I got tired of travelling but I kept on seeing things with a great feel that I might not be able to return to those lands. So just chill out and see everything.

I saw life in so many colours as it was a countryside with quite a culture that is still deeply rooted with Earth. So I saw historical and kind of timeless monuments, and then I realized a new factor as who made those monuments. Those people must be having only one thing in mind to make glorious buildings, and to make a huge impact on the people of their times. But where are those people who built those monuments and the ones who were supposed to be suppressed. All are gone and only a historical transcript is placed at every place!

Now such a common man can move through the corridors of power and glory! It reminds me of the real essence of life. To make your life easy for yourself and for others as everybody is going to die. But the history is so cruel that it would only make a board or transcript of yours. So live in a mode as tomorrow you are going to die, and do deeds that can make you alive in the memories of people. The ones that are sweet and a feeling of love and gratitude for you. My journey was both inside out so I realized it so strongly to share it with you!!


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