True Love Needs No Parameters of Expression!

Love and Expression of Soul

A Way to Find True Love and Peace in this World!

It might be my own perception but I like it that way, and I am convinced that true love exists right here in this world. People do fall in love for other persons and it requires no specifications. How we define LOVE is something that needs to be discussed. Some people think that a quantity of time spent together is a parameter of true love while others believe in quality of it!

How to Define Love in Different Perspectives!

So it is hot debate among different races in ancient times, and a subject matter of literature in medieval age, and it is a far Complex Issue in Modern Times. We are not certain of what we really mean by loving someone. Here I am referring to ‘Romantic Love’ but I am not forgetting the importance of Love and Compassion for different blood relations, friends and for nature as well!

What Kind of People Fall in Love for General Humanity and for What Reasons!

People do fall in love at a broader spectrum and they do not bind themselves with only a single expression, and to devote their love for only one human being. Look at the example of “Mother Teresa” who left her life of conveniences, and devoted herself to serve the underprivileged people of India. Did she put all efforts for personal recognition or for wining some award like ‘Nobel Prize’? No! It happened out of a true emotional love for humanity and for seeing people in better conditions of life.

Why People Sacrifice their Comforts for the Love and Freedom of their Nations?

Here I would like to mention about “Muhammad Ali Jinnah” whom the citizens of Pakistan call “Father of the Nation”. He literally devoted his whole life for the sake of independence and freedom of his countrymen, and to let a separate homeland for Muslim of Sub Continent, to live in peace and practice their basic principles of Islam in a best manner. Why he did all this as he was a successful lawyer and a rich man? He enjoyed all luxuries of his time, and what made him stand out of crowd to and decide to devote his life for others!

What is the Motivational Factor of Love of Nation to Fight for a Cause?

It is just too phenomenal with some people that they Love to find PEACE and Comfort for others, and they go beyond imagination to make personal sacrifices for others. Here you can look at the life of “Nelson Mandela” who devoted 27 years in prison, to let black people of South Africa have their right of equality, and a right to live like rest of human beings of the world. Would you say that he was crazy? No he was not but in fact more practical than living in dreams like others of a seen or unseen beloved!!

What is the Reality of Divine Love and Spiritual Elevation!

On a further level of discussion we can look at the lives of those Spiritual Leaders who left all worldly leisure and pleasures for seeking Divine Love. They were not insane but they wanted to escape from the limited mind frame that only wanted to get material gains, and to fall for lust in order to gain Love kind of thing. Their love for Nature and God Almighty was and still is all pure, and it is beyond any expectations and gains for this world.

So I would love to conclude my hypothesis that there are no set standards and parameters of love. So there were and right at this moment there exist people who fall in multifaceted kinds of love. This will keep on happening, and eventually link to the Universe, to find true meaning of Human Existence and to go in search of pure and deep-rooted love for sure!!

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