Twice Born – A Painful Cinematic Presentation of Brutal War Crimes in Bosnia!

A Film on Bosnian Tragedy

Penelope Cruz in Twice Born

Here I would like to tell you one important thing and that is the factor that a film if presented in a realistic way definitely touches everyone’s heart. But on the contrary if some film maker tries to manipulate the truth to adhere to his or her own philosophies or to get approval from some other sources then that film maker is doing an artistic crime in my eyes!

But to say it loud and clear that “Twice Born” is an Italian film that is made multilingual to address to global audience. Here is my favorite actress “Penelope Cruz” in it. She is a great combination of beauty and brain, and her choice of moves is always awesome. Especially when she works in Italian or Spanish films. But to say that it is a film about a beautiful actress is not a justice!

Twice Born is a film about Bosnia Herzegovina, and the time frame is set in the early 90s when “Yugoslavia” broke into many pieces, and every state claimed an independent stature.  When Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia with rest of states declared their own independent identities but Serbian forces invaded the lands of Bosnia. They considered it their born right to cut throat of every citizen up there. The only reason came out in limelight that Bosnia appeared to be a State of Muslims in the heart of Europe. The radical and extremist Serbs wanted a Christian dominance.

They massacred the whole of towns and villages, killed children brutally and raped thousands of Bosnia’s Muslim women and girls. The president of the state of Serbia stated that he wanted Serb soldiers to rape all Muslim women as to get a new generation of Serbian identity from the new-born. It is not fiction as the Modern World has seen it only two decades back, and so many sensitive people around the globe protested, and United Nations intervened to form peace in the area.

But it was too late and the film “Twice Born” which has an Italian name “Venuto al mondo” in fact an adaptation of a novel by “Margaret Mazzantini” shows the sufferings and pains of Bosnian people when they were killed without any reason. It was a genocide on the sole basis of religious and ethnic hatred.  They died due to starvation and the protagonist “Gemma” who is “Penelope Cruz” was supposed to visit the state of Bosnia to cover a story as a journalist. There she met a man and fell in love and then got married.

The later twists and turns in the film are too painful and yet reminds of another side of human nature. The desire to destroy others at any cost, and it is shown brilliantly and painted as a true picture, and I think in a far better way if compared to a film produced by “Angelina Jolie” on similar subject of Bosnia and a sufferings of its people” She produced a film named “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. That is also a must watch film to understand the bitter realities which we refrain from watching in general!

Though I respect her for showing off the reality with her own perspective but it was too narrow as compared to “Twice Born”. So the ‘Gemma’ lost her Bosnian husband and has to leave the place due to being a foreign lady, and the irony is that she was rescued though she wanted to be with her husband in trouble and turmoil.

But she found out her husband’s son “Pietro” as adopted with the effort of her second Italian husband, and later revealed that it was not the case. But she came after so many years to find out that the girl whom she suspected to be the mother of her husband’s child had an entirely different but miserable story to tell!

She took the boy back to Italy and a sense of pain, empathy and a love for the kid whom she had raised had grown even stronger. And it was added with the respect and love for the true and brave hearts of Bosnian people as well. Though her first Bosnian husband did a suicide due to not able to face the misery that he set upon a personal and on national front. It is a message for the whole world to live with peace and to let others live in that way as well. As it is a basic birth right of every individual on the surface of the earth!!


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