What Leads a Person to Crimes and Insanity!!

Optimism and Human Improvement Plans

Motivation to Save Humanity

Have you ever wondered as what are the biggest issues of most of the people of the world? They are not concerned about the new versions of iPhone or the Smart Application for Television. They do not want to see 3D Films is Luxurious Multiplexes or to ride if Ferries and Cruises.

The Hunger Driven Person Has Different Perception

They are not running behind Gadgets and the Ferrari or Limousines, and they do not keep Great Dreams in their Eyes. They eyes have not sufficient water to waste to castles and cars. They want to get rid of their Poverty Stricken LIFE, and to live a decent and reasonable life. They want regular food and small shelter called HOME. So they are facing Famine, Wars, Genocides and Lack of Education!

Third World Countries are Deprived of Basic Necessities of Life 

If you look at the Third World Countries of Asia and Africa then you will see that their major battle with life is for having a Two Time Meal, Clean Water and Shelter along with a Law and Order Situation in Hand. They are not concerned with World Politics and Cold Wars. They do not want to know how much satellites are set for space. If NASA has explored Mars or going to find a New Galaxy!

Poverty and Deprivation Leads a Way to Crimes and Insanity

They need enough of grains and water to nourish themselves and their children. Have you ever seen that painful picture where a hunger stricken “African Child” was crawling on his knees to reach out for Red Cross provided food camp? You know that a photographer who captured the agonizing picture went to so much of Guilt and Regret that she did “Suicide” after few months. Though she was awarded so many awards and prizes, but the alarming sense of regret to showcase a Human Tragedy Struck her Soul and she could not Stand Anymore!

Try to Look at Other Person’s Issues with Compassion

It is so wide and clear that a Soul Struck with Guilt, and in an order to get into other man’s shoes often results in such suicides. These ‘Suicide’ attempts might be Physical or Spiritual. It is just a moment inside human mind and soul when it can’t stand anymore, and decide to go with a flow or to find some kind of escape!

People Can Easily find Success with Proper Motivational Efforts

But the matter of fact that I want to highlight here is that no matter how much this world grows as a modern and luxurious place. It hardly matters as if the new inventions and discoveries are eye opening and widen our minds! But it all stands at a far lower level than feeding a “hungry mother or a child”. If we are able to control to control Poverty and Hunger from all Parts of the World. I am going to guarantee that we will see an amazing decline in Crime Rate, and also in Psychological Disorders that Humanity is facing to a much great level these days!!

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