What Makes People to Lose Motivation for Success in Worldly Life!

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I am just thinking about some people who are not like the normal creed, and they live in their own worlds. These kinds of people like to take their very own decisions, and they see lucid dreams that are filled with Utopian World or the Attributes of a Paradise on Earth. They do not want to flow with the tides and get into the normal battle of struggle, and to fight for the goodness of the worldly world!

Spiritual Elevation Leads to Lose Interest in Material Gains

Yes! They are not born to live like normal people who want to work hard to attain worldly pleasures and luxuries. They want to have freedom of SOUL and do not bother for the restlessness that the whole world is into. While we all are working for better jobs, homes, cars and luxury vacations. But these people want to live for nothing in surety, and in fact ready to die at any moment with least of complainants form the LIFE and with Divine Will!

Losses and Despair of Life Leads People to Look for Death

I have seen many people and have read biographies of people who were waiting for ‘Death’ as a Beloved who is approaching to them after a Long Wait. They want to meet ‘GOD’ with all love and to live in a continuous Peace and State of Love in the Afterlife. They do not want to stay here for their daily routines that are so monotonous. Present moment is their only asset and they want to have a complete Peace of Mind and to live in a “State of Thorough Soul Satisfaction”!

People want Divine Love and Lose Effort Mood for Worldly Gains

These are Saints, Sufis, Mystics or mad ones according to this world which measures everything in the parameters of “materialism”. So a normal person who is not out of regular struggle to achieve new gadgets, and to go for new models of cars can never understand what these people are living for! These people want to see their time on Earth to Pass like Moments, and then leave it without complaints, and in complete serenity and peace!

Peace and Love is the Basic Principle with Spirituality and Optimism

The best thing with such people are that they can see across the souls of others, and they give value to Human Emotions. They do not feel pains at losses and never overjoy at having some worldly accomplishments. They live in their own worlds and they are Peaceful People with a better understanding of “Human Miseries and Pains”. You can always find peace when you talk to such people but you need to have a clear understanding that you are not going to deal them with materialistic parameters in mind!!

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