Why Autumn and Depression are Correlated?


It is just a thought in my mind right from childhood as if what actually happens in the Season of Autumn that people associate it with Depression, Loneliness, Miseries and Anxieties. I have worked a lot on it and even tried to evaluate the effects of seasons on my mind and thoughts, and people around as well! I have come to a conclusion that mostly it is our internal thought process that makes us Happy or Sad, and it can happen in every season!

Though it is a crystal clear experience that the season of Autumn is a time when leaves are falling, and the sunlight takes a pale yellow look. The harsh winds blow and the whole area is full of dried leaves, and it looks as the sun is trying to hide and let human race fall into a timeless sense of loneliness. The spiritual experts say that the mood swings have little correlation with seasons, and it be triggered up any-time if we are experiencing or going through some difficult or hard times. It is also a time when our SOUL does not meet the required sate of optimism and motivation to get along with realities of life!

When we are having some difficult time then we feel Gloomy and in Blue Mood. So the depression and anxiety overcomes our mind and spirit. So we feel a desperate urge to move around, and to go out of routine circles of life. It happens every day at the time of sunset as well if you can feel so! For those people who are sensitive and can’t repel negative impulses out so easily. This pessimistic approach is everywhere despite the fact that literary persons have tagged this depressive phase of MIND with seasons of Autumn and Winter.

But to tell you the real case it has no relevance especially with autumn season it must not at all be correlated. If you don’t trust me then ask those people who get success and happiness in their lives in these seasons. They won’t agree with your point of view of or the literary assumptions. Definitely for them it is the best time ever in their lives! A person in love and finding a new position or of getting a great job will only be jubilant in these moments, regardless of the fact if it happens in spring or in autumn!

So to conclude my outcome as a normal person facing all the troubles, issues, regrets and then joys of life. For me it comes that Life is all about a swirling pool of desires and failures. So it is really necessary to keep our nerves more intact, and to be able to fight the battle of Life and Nature with Positive Force on Mind and Optimism. It is far more practical and wise instead of sitting in a dark corner, and feeling that your mind and soul have lost the energy to face some problematic situations.

It is all too cool to be in all geared up to face challenges of life with full motivation and optimistic approach. You can beat the harsh windy season of autumn with your positive thinking and strong will-power. You will be spiritually elevated and rest in phase where your mind and soul will let you enjoy all seasons with full fervour and joy!!

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