Why India has Been Given a Nuclear Security Clearance!!

War and Peace in World

State Terrorism and War Phobia

World is going to a distasteful method of consuming the energies of all people with a hope to go for new things around. But there is one thing that is pinching all South East Asian Countries, and that is the exemption given to India on its Nuclear Assets. Does it show the double standards of United States of America that is not eligible to go for such a drastic and big decision unless NATO Countries are not beckoning it!

The aftermath of all this negligence can cause threat to millions of people who live in this region. To be honest India is one such culprit state in the region that is an enemy of almost all its neighboring countries. First and foremost, it is in continuous battle like condition with is Western Neighbor Pakistan, and it is running proxy war on the name of terrorist training and implant camps in FATA Region of Pakistan. RAW which is the intelligence agency of India subject to all kinds of criminal activities and terrorist activities in Pakistan including the recent Peshawar School Attack.

India id funding the separatist movement in a province Baluchistan of Pakistan and some separatist is Sindh as well. Pakistan and India have fought four battles for the hold of Jammu and Kashmir that was announced for plebiscite by United Nations almost sixty eight years ago. It was a time when Pakistan and Present Day’s India got freed from British Rule. Muslims if Sub Continent wanted to have a separate state where they would freely practice Islam and its principles, away from the extremist Hindus and Sikhs.

Jammu and Kashmir’s was an semi-independent state and its people whole 98% were and still are Muslims voted to be with Pakistan but India captured the States with the conspiracy theory and intrusion of its armed forces. The matter was taken into United Nations where it was finally a verdict that Kashmir’s People will decided to live with whatever country they choose in an open plebiscite, and irony of the situation is that India never allowed that free and fair plebiscite to happen under UN supervision.

Now come to second major neighboring country China of India. India has fought two wars for conquering China’s territory, and in fact a terrorist activity. Then the other neighboring countries like Bangladesh (which was formed with a cut off Eastern Part of Pakistan again as a biggest conspiracy by India, and with a huge war activity). Both countries are in continuous state of cold war, and India is blamed for terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

India has not left Sri Lanka, a peaceful Island Country on the southern side in an India Ocean. Sri Lanka has faced the worst terrorist activities that were directly supported by Indian Secret Agencies. Tamil Tigers have caused so much chaos and bloodshed in Sri Lanka but thankfully the government of Sri Lanka has quite put that war activity to end. See, no country from West has ever helped Sri Lanka Government for wiping out the stains of terrorism and victimization. Now we can see the unrest in Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

India has played the dirtiest role around and it is supporting the unrest situation in Afghanistan. Its religious gurus are continuously murmuring a “Great India Slogan”. How can Barrack Obama Administration be so unjust and too careless in giving a security clearance, and an exemption of security and scanning of Nuclear Assets of such a terrorist and violent country?

It is all prejudiced and looks like a bigger stage that is going to be set to make this whole region into a war stricken and chaotic place on earth. Do all intellectuals of West will remain silent on this violation of principles and showing off such a discriminatory stand for pleasing “Narindra Moodi Government’s Doctrine” which claims to make India free from Muslims and rest of minorities including Christians as well?

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