Why WE are not Leaving the “Me” Thing Out of Our Personalities!

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It is just a case of human psyche that we love to see what is right for us, and then want to know more of desires that are hidden in us! We have forgotten one important thing that all of us are focusing more on “I” or “Me” kind of things. We are not easily going to get into shoes of others, and not even forgive anyone’s mistakes so easily.

I wonder at times as what is the root cause of this rigidness. Though I admit that it is in Human Nature and People were like that in past times as well. But it is certainly a matter to ponder over as the self-centered approach towards life is getting too much high. We think about our Personal Motives, Goals and then the Pleasures, even at the sake of losing some Great Relationships.

I guess it is due to a fast track RACE of Material Gains that has started to overcome our Thoughts and Ideas. We are too much indulged in having things and time that can make us happy, and not on doing something for the COMFORTS of others. A friend of mine recently said goodbye to a job as he was not easy there. I understood his position but asked him to survive a little bit more unless he could find a better alternative as he had so many domestic responsibilities!

He replied that he could not suffer due to anyone, and he is going to have in life what suits him. I agree with his point as if someone is continuously in distress then he or she can get Psychological as well as Physical Problems. But I only wanted him to find something that could go in flow with his dependents.

It is a common psyche in mostly the developed countries that makes a men or women get out of a marital relationship, without bothering or thinking about the future of their kids. The real suffering and the personality disorders start with those kids when they are growing up. But the selfish approach does not let both parties to think about their child’ emotions and peace of mind!

If people start adopting this mental approach then they can do well to themselves and to their loved ones for sure. Everybody needs Love and Comfort, and it is not a bad thing to desire and strive for! But if we are losing some great bonding due to irrelevant things then surely it is a great loss as I perceive. What is your opinion about it?

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