Why WE Prefer to Leave Peace of Mind for Material Gains?

Motivation and Spirituality  at Far End

Spiritualty with Peaceful Life

I am pondering on one situation that is so much common with modern man, and that is to switch from one place or job to another for the sake of material gains. It happens everywhere and at the cost of having a tough and hard life but we keep on doing that. I remember a long time ago when I was attending a sitting session with a great intellectual of our earlier times. He asked all of us being Representatives of Youth.

He asked us a simple question that was outwardly simple but carried a great Wisdom Path. He asked us all as if why we were losing our Precious Lives and Present Moment for the sake of gaining high salary jobs, and to upgrade our Social Status. Everybody tried to give answer but I was silent not because I had followed his hidden point, but due to the fact that I was always on the point to live a peaceful life, and if prosperity comes as ALLAH’s Will then we need to be thankful for it. But not to follow the blind path of Success that might lead us to distresses and depressions.

Now the question arises as why we are fighting this battle of hardships as to win some name, and to get more luxuries. Isn’t it an irony that we do not know as if we would be alive on the very next day? But we keep on striving on this strange path of so-called glory and growth? Dreams and Desires are unlimited, and who will make a fine balance to let his or her SOUL all in Peace? Modern world with attractive gadgets all around make us all blindfolded to keep on moving on a path that might not be meant for us. Here I would tell you few harms of this unnecessary battle of Material and Social Growth!

Losing the Creative Self

Yes! We are losing the creative minds and the Motivation to do something so awful that the world will remember us. We are only longing for comforts and luxuries and do not want to learn new arts, and to get into world of charismatic creativity for the sake of it any more!

Social Isolation and Increase in Psychological Issues

Now people don’t have time to spend with their loved ones as everybody says around “Time is Money”. But have you seen that the distraction and ignorance has caused a whole generation of direction-less Youth. Now old people live in Old Homes and nobody bothers the psychological and soulful needs of another person!

Sense of Materialism Prevails on a Larger Scale

Now look at the motives and hidden truth behind all our moves. We want to be social in order to get any sort of benefit for future. We do not concentrate on agonies and pains of others, and just try to be friends for good worldly reasons.

I have highlighted some major issues that the whole world is facing in terms of Humanity and losing connection with Hearts, Minds and Souls of others. We have lost the true value of precious love that had an ability to bind us together in families, groups and societies for better reasons. Now we see the chaos all around, and people gather to protect their rights or to gain some negative motives. Spirituality and Mysticism has lost its value, and we can’t find any more people so easily who are having Divine Light with them, to heal our souls and to direct us towards Peace of Mind as well!

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