Will You Agree to Give Away Your Home to Invaders?

Freedom is the Only Thing We Compromise!

Palestinian Faith!!

I am just pondering over the Palestine-Israel issue for so many days, and especially after this recent Gaza Genocide that is done by Israeli atrocities. I have read and researched on this matter as what is the key factor of conflict that has led the Israeli leaders and public to go below the level of humanity. Is it a matter of politics or the land acquisition? No! For thousands of years the Land of Palestine belonged to its local people who are Palestinian Arabs, and not to the outsiders.

The conflict started when under the British supervision this land of Palestine was given as a token of gift to Jews of the world, to come and settle here and destroy Palestinian sovereignty. The irony of the situation was that Palestinians were thrown out of their own homeland and from Jerusalem as well. They are bind to live in certain areas like Sabira and Shatila or Gaza. The other choice was to migrate to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordon and others. So a new state of Israel came into being, in the era of 1940’s and it got a legal status in 1963.

So the Jews have captured the land and the Palestinians who are mostly Muslims are like refugees in their own homeland. This Gaza act is not the first attempt, and according to the “so-called global justice providers of the world” had given the Gaza Strip to Palestinian Muslims. Now they live there in chaos for almost fifty years. They have no army, no warfare, no ammunition and not a direct contact to outer world except from the side of Egypt. It is another irony that whenever Israel starts a massacre in Gaza and kills innocent kids, infants women and men then Egypt bars off its borders, due to an agreement with USA and Israel.

I got a chance to hear the news briefing of Israeli prime minister and Hillary Clinton where the Israel’s prime minister was saying it bluntly that they are not doing the genocide in Gaza. These are just some surgical strikes against Mosques, Schools, and Hospitals and his pride and arrogance could easily be seen on his face expressions and body language as well.

At this time of bitterness and nauseating kind of feeling when I have seen dozens and dozens of dead bodies of Palestinian Infants and Kids and all kinds of war crimes on social media. I thought I would laugh at the pet puppy like facial expressions and head nodding of Hillary Clinton (she moves like queen of modern world all around otherwise).

It is not a Hate Story that I am telling you but I want to ask the whole world just one single question. If some burglar comes in your house and asks you to leave your house, and hand over all legal documents to him. Will you do it? I am sure no then why you are so silent over this brutality, genocide and victimization of PALESTINIAN People, who are armless but have faith and inner power of million iron bars!

Yes! Israel is out here doing all barbarism due to the fact that they are not able to shackle or even distract the mission of even a small Palestinian Boy or Girl, to get FREEDOM, and to have their homeland back. They will do it as they are fighting with their souls, while Israelis are fighting with aircrafts and bombs, and do not have a courage to face The “Palestinian Children” with only stones in their hands. That is called faith and courage which comes with a firm Belief on God Almighty, and when anyone is at right stance with every aspect of worldly measures!!!

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